Broadplace will, from time to time, collect information about the visitors that use the website. This is so that we can improve the service to better suit its users and to enhance the overall customer experience of the site. You are not obliged to provide any personal details, such as name or address, in order to use this website.

Broadplace uses cookies. Cookies allow us to gather small bundles of information about the visitors to the website. They are small amounts of information which are sent through the internet browser to your PC or Mac; they do no harm to your hardware or software but allow the website to recognise whether you have searched for something before, and whether you have set any personal restrictions. Cookies, essentially, tailor the website to your personal preferences to make sure that you receive a better online service.

Website partners that are linked to Broadplace, such as the ticket retailers whom we compare prices for, may also use cookies to better understand your search requirements.

It is important to be aware that once you click on a link to a ticket seller to make a purchase, and you leave Broadplace, you are then subject to the privacy policy of that website, which may be very different so it is best to review the terms and conditions of their service. Broadplace is not responsible for any information which is linked to the website.

On occasion, Broadplace may change the terms and conditions of use on its website. We reserve the right to make these changes without notifying visitors and instead encourage you to regularly check this privacy policy for updates.