Garden Design and Landscapes - What We Do

Proudly Creating Beautiful Gardens – Robin Williams & Associates

We do this is by putting you first – by listening to you, what you want from your garden, how you want to use it and what your personal tastes are.

We spend most of the time at the initial consultation listening to you in order to get the brief right. We then send you an estimate for our services. We cost out every stage of the process including:

  • The outline garden design
  • The planting plan
  • The construction drawings
  • The scope of works
  • Managing the tender process with landscape contractors

From the very start of the process, we set out our services and fees, honestly and transparently, so you know exactly what you can expect.

The process to create your garden usually runs as follows:

Initial consultation

In this first and most important step, we discuss what you want from your garden.

Outline garden design

We produce a concept design for discussion and review. Your input here is highly valued and we find this gives clients a sense of ownership over what will be created.

Detailed outline design

This is a fully worked up and highly detailed outline design. We find our fastidious attention to detail at this stage enables you to really visualise how your finished garden will look.

Planting design

Every plant is hand selected based on your preferences and Robin's vision. They are then put together in pleasing combinations with good all-year-round interest and structure (a plan showing the layout of the plants and a schedule for the nursery order are produced).

Construction drawings

These technical drawings are required to enable a landscape contractor to realise the garden that Robin has designed for you.

Scope of works and specification

This is a written set of instructions that facilitate the construction of the garden by detailing the materials to be used and techniques to be employed.

Tender process

We manage the issuing of the documentation (plans and scope of works) to the landscape contractors and field their questions, allowing them to quote for the construction fairly and accurately.

Project management

Project management will relieve you of the pressure during the construction phase. The project manager will organise the tender process, co-ordinate project kick-off and remain on site regularly until the project is completed. In addition, we will ensure that the contract runs smoothly, on time and within budget, also ensuring the project is completed to the original specification, and reduce the need for you to get involved with day to day issues.

Aftercare and garden maintenance

All gardens require on-going attention and care to keep them looking their best. To assist you with the upkeep of your garden, we offer a range of garden maintenance and management services through our companion company Quest Garden Management.

All maintenance services offered by Quest Garden Management are tailor-made to suit your individual requirements. Annual contracts can provide for regular maintenance with monthly, fortnightly or weekly visits. Alternatively, a one-off or short block of visits can be arranged if you just require occasional help.

For more information on these services and more please visit Quest Garden Management or give them a call on 01672 540 717.